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Lawn Care Services in the Greater Toronto Area

Are you looking for lawn care services in the Greater Toronto Area?

Is your yard looking overgrown or rundown? Are you struggling to eliminate weeds, pests, mosquitoes, and other grubs? Are you concerned with how the state of your lawn might reflect on you, your home, or your property?

The good news is that it’s not too late. Anyone can achieve a healthier lawn with proper lawn care and grass maintenance. Unfortunately, most of us don’t all have the time, energy, expertise, or resources to make this a reality on our own.


Since 1996, we have provided top-notch lawn maintenance and insect control services throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

Over the years, our customers have come to us with issues ranging from sparse grass and poor seeding to severe mosquito and insect infestations. In every scenario, our team of experts has been able to identify a product and solution to resolve any type of lawn care problem.

We can do the same for your lawn, too! No issue is too large or too small. Whether you’re in need of a remedy for a particular problem or whether you’re looking for general lawn care, we are proud to offer all of the following lawn care services: general lawn care, lawn maintenance, lawn fertilizing, insect control, mosquito control, grub control and more!

Do you know that your lawn is lacking in some way but you’re not sure what it requires in order to thrive?

Start with one of our two most popular services: lawn care and mosquito control.

Lawn Care Services in the GTA

We offer complete lawn treatment through a six-step process that nourishes your grass and eliminates weeds, grubs, and other pests.

During this process, we address everything from seeding to fertilizing and everything in between—using only organic and safe products that have been tested and proven. We also evaluate your property and provide you with the best mowing and watering techniques for your lawn, specifically.

A freshly treated lawn and grey house in toronto.
Lawn on a sunny day.
Trees and background of a freshly treated lawn and plants.
Large house with a freshly maintained lawn.

Mosquito Control

Many properties have mosquito problems that come to light during the hot, sticky summer months. Our two-part mosquito control program is performed six times per season—typically once every three weeks—and it offers everything you need to stop mosquitoes at the source.

We apply an odourless insect control solution to your tress and shrubs, and then treat your standing water with a natural bacterium that kills larvae while they are still developing.

For the best lawn care services in Bolton, Brampton or anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area, contact LawnMart today. Our team of friendly experts would love to discuss your grass maintenance needs with you and come up with a plan of action for your lawn!

What do people say?

We have been with Lawn Mart for over 10 years and they have brought our lawn back from weeds to nice green grass. We are so happy with their service. Never regret for a moment enlisting their services and have recommended them to friends.

Lin H.

I’ve been a LawnMart customer for almost 5 years. My lawn looks great and definitely much better than it used to when I used to take care of it on my own. They’re lovely people who take pride in what they do and have always been more than patient with me when I’ve called and asked questions. I would definitely recommend!

Paula C.

The best our lawn has ever been is when LawnMart serviced it. The staff is friendly, understanding and patient. They know your name and you are more than “just a customer”. Great business to be associated with!

Lyn K.

I own my own property management company and use Lawn Mart for places I take care of. Great service all the way through the company. From the workers to the owner. They are all awesome to deal with. Always have great results at my clients properties when it comes to helping the lawns look “golf course” ready.

Corey B.

I am very happy with the lawn care I get on a regular basis. Everything always looks great and they are accessible to fit my schedule. It was difficult to find dependable lawn care service in town, so it’s fantastic that I don’t need to keep looking. Thanks guys

Jordan T.

An unbelievable service that is consistent and reliable everytime. My family has chosen LawnMart over the years and has been happy with the service since. An amazing staff who are very respectful and trustworthy to take care of your lawn.

Christopher B.