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As a homeowner, business owner, or property manager, you have a handful of responsibilities that those who rent property don’t typically have to worry about. These responsibilities include repairing or replacing systems, shovelling snow, and of course, maintaining lawns.

Everyone knows that routine mowing and watering are essential for maintaining a healthy lawn, but the truth is that even discipline in these areas may not be enough to keep your grass healthy and lush. Rather, a comprehensive approach to lawn care is required if you want your grass to truly grow and thrive.

But here’s the problem. Like the average person, it might be that you lack the expertise, time, and resources to give your lawn this level of attention on a consistent basis.


For over 25 years, LawnMart has helped countless customers across the Greater Toronto Area and beyond by transforming their lawns. With our collective expertise, unique solutions, and complete approach to lawn care, you too can finally have the perfect lawn.

How can you benefit from our professional lawn care services, specifically? There are all sorts of reasons why you should make the investment:

  • Achieve the lawn you’ve always wanted (with far less effort!)
  • Make your property appear tidier and well-maintained
  • Keep weeds and unwanted plant growth under control
  • Prevent mosquitoes, insects, and other pests from wreaking havoc
  • Keep your lawn safe for children, pets, and guests
  • Increase the value of your property
  • Have the peace of mind that your lawns are being properly maintained

What’s our secret?

We follow a proven six-step process that keeps your grass well nourished, controls weeds and pests, and fortifies your lawn so that it is able to withstand harsh conditions. By using organic-based fertilizer, humic acid, seaweed, and other safety products, we ensure that your lawn care needs are not only addressed but that it’s also done in the least harmful and most responsible way possible.

In addition to our six-step lawn care process, our team evaluates your property to identify any areas that might need special care to supplement your existing lawn care strategy.

Even beyond offering exceptional quality, value, and some of the most effective methods and solutions on the market, we pride ourselves on providing consistent and reliable service for every one of our customers. Once we have stepped foot onto your property for the first time, you can know exactly what to expect during every service call that follows.

Do you want to finally take back control of your lawn’s appearance? Are you looking to stand out and make a great first impression on neighbours and guests? Are you ready for a lawn that makes you a proud homeowner or property owner once again?

Now is the perfect time to finally take action and start taking better care of your lawn—and the team at LawnMart is here to help. Call us today to find out how we can help transform your lawn!

Close up of a freshly treated lawn and plants.
Freshly maintained lawn outside of a large grey house.
Large lawn outside of a house.
Close up of lawn care and mosquito control system in place.

What do people say?

We have been with Lawn Mart for over 10 years and they have brought our lawn back from weeds to nice green grass. We are so happy with their service. Never regret for a moment enlisting their services and have recommended them to friends.

Lin H.

I’ve been a LawnMart customer for almost 5 years. My lawn looks great and definitely much better than it used to when I used to take care of it on my own. They’re lovely people who take pride in what they do and have always been more than patient with me when I’ve called and asked questions. I would definitely recommend!

Paula C.

The best our lawn has ever been is when LawnMart serviced it. The staff is friendly, understanding and patient. They know your name and you are more than “just a customer”. Great business to be associated with!

Lyn K.

I own my own property management company and use Lawn Mart for places I take care of. Great service all the way through the company. From the workers to the owner. They are all awesome to deal with. Always have great results at my clients properties when it comes to helping the lawns look “golf course” ready.

Corey B.

I am very happy with the lawn care I get on a regular basis. Everything always looks great and they are accessible to fit my schedule. It was difficult to find dependable lawn care service in town, so it’s fantastic that I don’t need to keep looking. Thanks guys

Jordan T.

An unbelievable service that is consistent and reliable everytime. My family has chosen LawnMart over the years and has been happy with the service since. An amazing staff who are very respectful and trustworthy to take care of your lawn.

Christopher B.