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Six Reasons to Schedule Next Year’s Lawn Care Services Early

While lawn care doesn’t usually start until early spring, it’s wise to schedule next year’s lawn care services ahead of time. From securing the best offers to ensuring your lawn bounces back easily in spring, there are many reasons to book a lawn care service before the warm weather arrives.

Six Reasons to Schedule Lawn Care Services Early

Start Early to Secure the Best Deals

Many businesses offer money-saving deals to attract customers, and lawn care companies are no exception. Some offer special discounts when you book in advance. Keeping lawns in their best shape isn’t cheap, so these deals will allow you to cut down on expenses without compromising the quality of lawn care.

Other special offers you’ll come across are reduced pricing on services and discounts on the first lawn care service. Others will give you a few bucks when you get someone new to use the company’s services. For example, LawnMart offers $25 when you get a friend to use the company’s lawn care or mosquito services.

Most of these special promos are available only at certain times of the year, usually before New Year’s Day or peak season. By scheduling next year’s lawn care services early, you can secure the best deals.

Maintain Healthy Grass and Plants All Year Long

A lawn that remains green and luscious throughout the seasons is a dream of many Canadian commercial and residential property owners. That dream is realized by lawn care experts equipped with knowledge, equipment, and products that help lawns thrive.

By scheduling lawn care service early, you can guarantee that your lawn recovers from winter damage and grows back to its former lush and healthy state. From there on, lawn care experts tend to the grass and ensure it gets all the nutrients it needs. The pros make sure your property stays protected from pests and weeds. This will enable you to achieve the lawn of your dreams.

Professional lawn care services will keep the grass green and healthy all year round. The only time they turn brown is when they enter the dormancy period. Warm-season grasses go dormant in winter, while some cool-season grasses “sleep” in summer. Grasses in dormant states are still alive and need to be cared for so they don’t die.

Keep Pests Away

After the cold, insects and animals will come out of their hiding places to bask in the sunlight, search for food, and breed. In the process, they may end up on your lawn.

Pests threaten grass health and compromise the lawn’s appearance. These unwanted insects feed on grass blades, crowns, and roots, causing the grass to die. Some dig and build tunnels underground. Depending on the type of pests that wind up in your lawn, you may see wilted or damaged grass blades, brown turf patches, and mounds of earth or sand. Some pests can also make the lawn more susceptible to drought or turn the soil dry.

Another problem brought about by lawn pest infestation is larger animals coming into your yard to search for prey, damaging the grass in the process. For example, some birds and backyard chickens love grubs and will happily dig up your lawn to search for this treat.

While you can easily eliminate pests using pesticides, this method is risky and can harm the environment. A better and safer way to keep pests at bay is by scheduling organic lawn care services. Experts in organic lawn care near you will use all-natural methods and products to control lawn pests and prevent them from taking shelter in your yard.

Pre-Emergent Weed Control

Another reason to book a lawn care service early is to prevent weeds from growing and invading your lawn in the coming year.

Most grasses reproduce by spreading seeds. These seeds lay dormant in the soil in winter and start growing in spring, just like other plants. Once the weeds take hold, eliminating or controlling them would be more difficult. They are also likely to take over under or over-watered, improperly mowed or fertilized, and highly-compacted lawns.

Weeds compete with grass for nutrients and sunlight. They also stick out like a sore thumb, ruining the appearance of green lawns. Applying organic pre-emergent weed control products before the soil gets warmer will help prevent weeds from sprouting, literally nipping the problem in the bud. Therefore, you don’t have to stress over unwanted plants growing and damaging your lawn come summer.

Enhance Curb Appeal

If you plan to sell your property soon, you have even more reason to schedule lawn care services early. Professional lawn maintenance is a cost-effective way to increase your home’s appraisal value. The increase varies, but you might see over a hundred percent return on investment (ROI) from landscaping and exterior improvement projects.

Your lawn’s condition may also affect how fast you can sell your property. The lawn is one of the first things potential buyers notice when they visit a property. First impressions matter as it sets the tone for the entire house tour. If the lawn is overgrown, appears dead, or is overtaken by weeds, prospective buyers may assume the inside needs repairs, too. It can deter move-up buyers who want an upgrade from their current home.

Get Ahead of the Rush

Good lawn care companies fill their books fast. Avoid the rush and hassle of finding a company to accommodate your lawn care needs by reserving a spot before their calendars get full.

Get Reliable Lawn Care From LawnMart Experts

The year is coming to a close in a few weeks. Schedule a lawn care service early and enjoy the benefits listed above.

If your lawn is in Bolton or the Greater Toronto Area, LawnMart is glad to be at your service. We’ll ensure your lawn gets all the treatments needed at the appropriate time, even if you book early. With the help of CRM technology, we never forget or miss a lawn treatment. As organic lawn care experts, rest assured your lawn receives all-natural treatment that is safe for the environment, your family, and your pets.

Contact our team to learn about lawn care services or get a free quote.

New Year Lawn Care FAQs

How do I prepare my lawn for next year?

In addition to scheduling a lawn care service early, prepare your lawn for next year by removing excess leaves and grass that do not survive winter. Dethatch turf so the grass can breathe and get the nutrients needed. Start mowing when the grass is long enough and the ground is dry enough. Lastly, don’t forget to hydrate your lawn.

How do I make grass greener in spring?

Making your grass greener in spring involves multiple steps. Before anything else, you must first identify your grass type to determine what it needs to thrive more. You should also test the soil to determine essential nutrients that are missing. Once you get the test result, you can start shopping for organic fertilizer. Regular watering, mowing, and weed and pest control are also necessary to ensure the grass is healthy and green until it enters dormancy.

What time of year should you treat your lawn?

It generally depends on the lawn’s condition. Since each lawn is unique, it’s best to consult a lawn care professional who can see exactly what needs to be done on your lawn and when the treatment should be given.

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