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What to Look for in Lawn Care Services in the Greater Toronto Area

Choosing the right company to care for your lawn is an important decision. A healthy and well-maintained lawn makes a positive first impression when people visit your home or business. The following considerations will help you choose which lawn care services to hire.

Things to Look for When Hiring Lawn Care Services”

Good Client Records

You should be able to count on lawn care services to know when you are scheduled for service and when to make an appointment. The best companies will use technology to make these kinds of recommendations. Specifically, they will use a customer relationship management (CRM) system to stay organized with each client’s schedule.

For example, LawnMart uses a CRM to track treatments and maintain organized records. With this system, we know when every client is due for another treatment or service. It saves you the hassle of having to track these tasks yourself.

Full-Time Employees

Many options for lawn care services in Toronto will hire just anyone looking for a summer or part-time job. But the best companies hire full-time employees that don’t just stay for a short amount of time. These technicians will return season after season.

Hiring full-time employees is crucial, as it ensures that every employee has a great deal of experience and knowledge, as well as a stake in the company. That, in turn, means that your lawn will be in good hands.

Trained and Licensed Technicians

In addition to looking for full-time employees, look for a lawn care company that uses trained, licensed technicians. Licensing is the best way to confirm that the technicians have the relevant knowledge and experience. Without licensing, you get no guarantees that those handling your lawn are equipped to do so.

Continuing Service With No Contract

When it comes to hiring services for lawn care, Toronto offers several options, but make sure you choose one with continuing service. A company offering this feature will save you the hassle of having to find a new lawn company every year. With continuing service year after year, your lawn care specialists will have a record of past treatments on your lawn and your preferences as the owner. The best companies will have noted all these specifications on your account.

While many companies offer this type of continuing care, many require contracts. Locking in with a contract becomes a problem if you have to move, decide to handle lawn care yourself, or switch providers. You will likely have to pay high penalties or fees if you decide to cancel your contract.

By looking for a lawn care company without contracts, you won’t need to worry about being locked in, and you still get continued lawn care.

Billing Method

Contracts are just one payment aspect that you must consider. You must also take the billing method into account. Do you pay in advance or after the service is delivered? What payment methods does the lawn care company accept? Your choice will likely come down to personal preference, but the best companies should be able to offer you a payment method that works for you.

Frequency of Visits

You should also pay attention to how frequently the lawn care service visits your property. Ideally, the company will have a set schedule and be willing to adjust based on your lawn’s needs. Flexibility is important, as every lawn is slightly different.

Remember that there is no single right answer to the ideal frequency of visits. So, look for a lawn care company that strategically schedules their visits and is able to adjust to your lawn’s needs.


The best lawn care companies understand that sometimes, things go wrong for no obvious reason. Professionals are equipped to handle these situations, as well as any issues that arise while they are there for your lawn. Always look for a company that guarantees your lawn receives proper care from start to finish.

LawnMart, for example, will inspect your lawn as often as necessary without any additional cost as long as you follow the recommendations for mowing and watering. Most companies will offer some limits to their guarantees, such as a time limit to reporting issues or how many visits they will make. Thus, you must always pay attention to the fine print to ensure that your lawn care company can meet your needs.


As with any other decision, you must compare the cost of several companies. You will notice a great deal of variation in the answer to “How much is lawn care in Toronto?” Cost depends on your lawn and the company you choose.

Expect to pay a bit more for more experienced companies with better guarantees, especially if they use child- and pet-friendly products. The additional cost will be worth it when you consider the quality of the results and the reliability of the service. Remember that paying a bit more for a guarantee can easily save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.


Finally, look for a lawn care company with a good reputation. When you pay more to hire a company with a strong reputation, you can expect them to deliver better results with less hassle. The best way to check a company’s reputation is to look at reviews and testimonials—even better if a company has earned awards. For example, LawnMart has earned the Readers’ Choice Award six times.

Do You Really Need a Lawn Service Company? Can You Do It Yourself?

It’s very common to wonder, “Should I hire a lawn care company or do it myself?” In nearly every case, it’s best to hire professionals. Perhaps you don’t want to pay for the service, or maybe you like handling tasks yourself. Still, you will find that professional services will always yield better results than doing it yourself. If you hesitate because of the cost, you’ll find that several options are available at varying price points.

Professionals Know What They Are Doing

The most important reason to hire professionals instead of taking a DIY approach to lawn care is their expertise. They have the knowledge and experience necessary to provide proper care to your lawn. From recommending which grass to plant to knowing which fertilizer to use, they would know the best options for your property. By contrast, you would have to research every single step of the process if you chose to do it yourself.

Even if you are a fast learner, there are plenty of opportunities for mistakes when doing something new. You don’t want to try to care for your lawn yourself and end up damaging it. You would then have to spend more on diagnosing and treating the damaged lawn.

Professionals Have the Equipment

Yet another factor to consider is the equipment required. From fertilizers to aerating tools, you must factor in the supplies you actually have on hand. How much time would you spend shopping for the equipment and figuring out which one to buy? Then, how much money would you spend on actually buying it? Do you have a place to store it when you’re done?

You need not concern yourself with those questions if you hire professionals. They can bring, use, and store all the tools they need for your lawn.

It Saves You Time

Of course, hiring professionals also saves you time. With professionals, you won’t need to research proper lawn care, buy equipment, or do the lawn care maintenance yourself. Leave it to professionals to work on your lawn so you can focus on other important tasks.

Call us today to find out how LawnMart can help you transform and maintain your lawn.

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