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What Are Your New Year’s Lawn Care Resolutions?

Have you thought of things to change or goals to chase this year? If you haven’t, we’ll share some lawn care tasks worth adding to your New Year’s resolutions list.

Lawn Care Tasks to Add to Your New Year’s Resolutions

Invest in Quality Lawn Care Tools

While lawn care companies like LawnMart are one call away to provide lawn care services, you can still benefit from owning proper lawn care tools yourself. The foundation of a healthy and luscious lawn is a well-thought-out maintenance technique that includes the right lawn care tools.

Investing in appropriate equipment might seem expensive, but the long-term rewards are often worth the initial investment. Tools like lawnmowers, rakes, and trimmers will allow you to finish lawn care tasks faster. It will save you valuable time and help keep your lawn in its best shape.

Make a Plan for Fertilizing Your Lawn and Stick to It

Consider creating a fertilizing schedule at the beginning of the year. Applying fertilizers is necessary, especially in areas deprived of nutrients. However, you must get the timing right to maximize the effect of the fertilizer.

When creating a fertilizing schedule for your lawn, consider factors like your location, season, and grass type. For example, you can schedule the application of weed control fertilizers in spring to prevent unwanted plants from growing. In the fall, you can apply winterizing fertilizer to prepare the grass for cold weather.

Consider Investing in a Snow Blower

For areas with heavy snowfall every winter, a snow blower can be a lifesaver. Snow blowers make snow removal easier than simply using a shovel. This equipment comes in three types: single stage, two stages, and three stages.

A single-stage snow blower is ideal for areas that routinely get up to six inches of snow. On the other hand, a two-stage snow blower can handle up to 12 inches of snow, and a three-stage snow blower is ideal for areas with 23 or more inches of snow.

Snow blowers may be expensive, but their benefits generally offset the cost. With proper care and maintenance, quality snow blowers can last for many years. They are also useful for tasks other than snow removal. You can use them to clear leaves and debris in your lawn in the fall. So consider investing in a snow blower this year.

Don’t Forget to Water Your Lawn Regularly to Ensure Healthy Growth

Depending on the grass type, spring and fall are the best time of year to plant a new lawn. After planting grass, make sure to water it regularly. Unlike established turf, newly seeded lawns need to be consistently moist. It may mean watering the lawn lightly three to four times a day.

After the grass grows and reaches a mowing height, you may change the watering frequency. No matter how frequently you need to water your lawn, avoid doing so in the evening. Watering at night may lead to lawn diseases.

Get Rid of Weeds That Might Be Invading Your Grass

Some weeds, like dandelions, produce beautiful flowers. You may be tempted to keep them in your lawn. Unless you don’t care about how your lawn will look in the long run, it’s best to get rid of unwanted plants when you spot them. Some weeds are difficult to remove once they have gained a foothold and can quickly overtake your turfgrass.

The best weed control or removal method will vary depending on the type of weed. Hence, it’s best to identify the weeds growing in your lawn so you can research the best way to eliminate them. For example, for crabgrass, you should remove all the roots to prevent the weed from spreading. Two of the most commonly used weed removal methods are hand weeding and weed killer application.

If weeds have already spread in your lawn, finding and hiring a reliable expert in lawn care near you may be the best option. Make sure to ask them about the types of weeds they deal with, as some companies don’t offer removal services for certain types of weeds like crabgrass.

Aerate Your Soil Once or Twice a Year

Aeration is the process of poking tiny holes in the ground. Aside from helping the lawn breathe easier, it also allows the grass to absorb nutrients much more effectively. If you didn’t aerate your lawn last year, ensure you add it to your lawn care maintenance tasks this year.

You can let lawn care professionals aerate your lawn, but the process is straightforward enough for anyone to handle. All you have to do is determine compacted areas in your lawn, choose an aerator tool, and wait for the right weather conditions for aerating. It’s best to aerate a day after rain or watering the lawn.

The best time for aeration usually depends on the type of grass. For warm-season grasses, aeration is best done in late spring or summer. Cool-season grasses benefit from aeration when done in early spring and fall.

Choose Native Plants and Flowers That Thrive in Your Climate

Maintaining a lawn and keeping a garden in the best shape can be quite challenging. For those who don’t have time or want to save money on professional lawn care, consider plants and flowers that thrive in your climate, even with minimal tending.

Create Pathways Through Your Yard by Laying Down Gravel or Mulch

Pathways are not just a way to get from one area of your backyard to another; they can be just as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional. If you’re looking for outdoor improvement projects this year, consider creating pathways through your yard.

Various materials are available for creating pathways. If you have budget restrictions, gravel and mulch are good materials to use. Mulch can provide a natural and earthy feel. It is relatively inexpensive and easy to work with. But on the downside, this material breaks down and needs replacement over time.

Gravel is also another inexpensive option for your pathway. Most homeowners use pea gravel because of its small size and smooth texture. Your other options are river rock, decomposed granite, and landscape rock.

What Should You Do to Your Lawn Every Year?

In addition to fertilizing, watering, and other lawn care tasks mentioned above, here are other tasks you should perform every year.

  • Regular mowing: Mow your lawn at the right height, which varies depending on the grass type. This helps combat diseases and prevent pests.
  • Pest control: Some pests may find their way to your lawn and use your turfgrass as their habitat and food source. Implementing pest control strategies is necessary to ensure your lawn stays healthy.
  • Dethatching: Dead grass and moss will likely build up over time, creating a thick thatch that can suffocate your lawn. Dethatching improves airflow and ensures that water and fertilizer reach the grass roots.
  • Clearing debris: Leaves, branches, and other debris in the lawn should be removed. Otherwise, they may accumulate moisture that leads to mold growth. Also, the grass underneath will likely turn yellow and die.

A beautiful lawn does not grow overnight. If one of your goals this year is to have a luscious and green lawn, you must spend time and effort on the process. To make things easier, consider getting help from lawn care experts. They would know your lawn’s needs and have the skills and tools to handle all lawn care tasks.

Get in touch to learn how LawnMart’s professionals can help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions for lawn care.

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