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How to Keep Your Lawn Looking Thick, Green and Healthy

Everyone wants a healthy lawn, but not everyone is willing to put in the work to maintain it.

While you might have a healthy lawn today, that lawn could look much different a few months down the road. In order to keep your lawn looking vibrant and healthy year-round, you’ll need to invest in a good lawn care plan.

Lawn Care Tips:

As lawn care experts in Toronto, for over 25-years,  we can share a few of our tips to get you started:

Keep Your Lawn Tidy at All Times

One of the fastest ways to kill your lawn is to leave objects out. When areas of your grass are unable to receive sunlight, they almost always result in patches of dead grass and visible soil.
If you absolutely need to put out lawn chairs, tables, and other objects for an outdoor party or family gathering, be sure to remove them immediately after.

Clean Up After Your Pets

If you have a dog or pet that uses your lawn for its business, be sure to clean up its droppings promptly. While it’s true that excrement contains nutrients that are healthy for soil, it often takes a while for droppings to decompose. By the time that they finally do, you may be left with dead spots. If your female dog is leaving yellow spots, the only real solution is to throw a bucket of water on it every time she goes. This dilutes the acidity in her urine and prevents yellow spots.

Remember to Feed Your Lawn

Like humans, plants are living organisms that require food in order to grow and thrive. Sunlight provides plants with energy to grow but organic-based fertilizer provides the soil with the proper building materials. Soil contains some of these ingredients naturally, but they are depleted when grass uses them or when you mow your lawn.

Keep Your Soil Hydrated

We all know that grass also needs water to grow. However, it’s not the grass itself that needs a bath, but rather the soil. Many people assume that they should turn the sprinklers on for a few minutes, multiple times per week, and it’s because they think the grass simply needs to be wet. However, it’s more important that you water your soil thoroughly and not as frequently so that the
water soaks deep into the soil. We recommend watering only once per week, for 4 hours in each zone. Start your watering the same week as your first cut, and water once per week until September 1st. Watering correctly is the number one factor for success with lawns.

Find the Right Cutting Height

It might be tempting to set your cutting blades as close to the ground as possible so that you spend less time cutting grass and have a tidy lawn for a longer period!
But this is the wrong approach, as there is actually an ideal cutting height for a healthy lawn—and it’s much closer to 7-8 centimeters. Our 25 years of experience have also taught us that the best-looking lawns have their clippings bagged, not mulched.

Keep Your Mower Blades Sharp

To ensure proper grass maintenance, you’ll also need to maintain your lawn mower. When blades become dull, they not only cut your lawn unevenly but also leave your grass with a ragged cut edge. This will cause brown tips to develop, tarnishing your lawn’s deep green color and increasing disease pressure. Sharpen the blade at least once per year, twice per year if you’re cutting a larger lawn.

Seek Help from a Lawn Care Professional

The reality is that you might lack the time and resources to provide the best care for your lawn. If you notice changes in your lawn or find that you’re unable to keep up with your lawn’s needs, consider hiring a lawn maintenance company to restore your lawn and take care of it going forward. A professional company can often do the job for little more than it costs you to buy the products and do it yourself.

At LawnMart, we offer products and methods you’re unlikely to find at your local department store. Our specialized lawn maintenance and mosquito control systems will ensure that you have the healthiest lawn in your neighborhood!

Need help taking better care of your lawns? Contact LawnMart today and find out how our natural lawn care solutions could give you a vibrant, healthy lawn in no time!

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Michael Schäfer is President and Founder of LawnMart Inc. After training privately under Dr. Larry Whiddell of Ohio State University, he became a Lawn Technician at Barefoot Grass Lawn Services (1993) and leveled up to Tree/Shrub Care Manager before taking over all Canadian operations as Area Manager. In 1996, Michael founded LawnMart Inc., which has since grown into a multi-award-winning company that cares for thousands of lawns in the Golden Horseshoe area.