Seed spots in a lawn.

Does Your Lawn Need Spot Seeding This Year?

Snow will soon begin to melt, and the grasses in your yard will come back to life—or maybe not. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, your lawn may start to thin out or develop bare patches. In this case, you may need spot seeding lawn services.

What Causes Bare Spots in Lawns?

Before discussing spot seeding, let us discuss the possible reasons your lawn has bare spots. Here are a few possible causes you should look into:

  • Your dog relieves itself on your lawn, creating dog urine spots that turn into bare lawn spots.
  • Turf diseases
  • Spilling gas in one spot while filling the mower
  • Heavy foot traffic in one area
  • Lawn grub problem
  • Insect infestation
  • Over-fertilizing

If you see ugly blemishes in your beautifully manicured lawn, the first thing to do is to determine and address the underlying cause of the problem. The only way for the bare spots to disappear for good is to fix the root of the problem before seeding.

Take bare spots that happen because of natural heavy foot traffic, for example. No matter how many seeds you plant, the problem will remain because people will stomp on that area and prevent the grass from growing properly. In this case, you can reroute the traffic by placing a barrier in the spot or installing a gravel pathway before starting spot seeding.

What Is Spot Seeding?

Spot seeding is a gardening and landscaping technique that involves planting seeds in specific lawn or garden areas rather than seeding the entire lawn. This method is useful when bare or thin patches in a lawn need to be filled in or when new plants need to be added to a garden bed. It is a simple and cost-effective way to improve the appearance of a lawn or garden.

How to Fix Bare Spots on Your Lawn

There are several ways you can fix your lawn’s bare spots, and seeding is just one of them. If this is the method you choose, you must follow specific steps and consider a few things to ensure proper seed germination and growth. You cannot just throw grass seeds in bare spots. Doing so will likely result in little to no germination and won’t help to fix your lawn problem.

Choose Your Seed

Not all seeds will grow properly in every area of Canada. If you wish to have a lush and green lawn, get a mix of various types of grass species resistant to unfavorable conditions and pest attacks. Examples are Kentucky bluegrass seed, perennial ryegrass, and tall fescue. Annual ryegrass, creeping bentgrass, and Canada bluegrass are also great options. Of course, you will want to match the type of grass seed to what is in your lawn.

Plant When the Temperature and Time Are Right

If your lawn has bare spots, you probably want to fix them as soon as possible. But you have to ask, “When should I seed my lawn with bare spots?” to get the best result.

The type of grasses that thrive in Canada are considered cool-season grasses. You can plant them in late summer, early fall, or early spring. In addition to the temperature, it is also crucial to keep an eye on weather conditions. You should not plant when it is too windy because heavy winds can push the seeds across your lawn. A heavy pour is not ideal because the rain could wash grass seeds away.

If you have been treating your lawn with fertilizer or weed preventer, you should wait at least 90 days before starting the spot seeding. Herbicides include products that kill newly emerging seedlings, whether weed or grass.

Prepare the Spot

It takes more than just watering a bare spot to grow grass. Site preparation is needed to ensure the grass grows properly. The preparation includes removing weeds, sticks, rocks, and existing grass. You must also lay down fresh topsoil or rough up the soil so the seeds you plant can connect with the soil.

Spread and Rake the Seeds

Once the site is clear and ready, you can start spreading the grass seeds evenly across the bare spot. The seeds must not pile up on top of one another.

Maintain the Seeds

The seeds won’t grow a day after planting them, so do not get frustrated if there is no result after a few days. You may have to give the seeds more care and attention for at least two months. Cool-season grasses typically germinate within at least five days. This means it will take a while for you to see results. You also need to water the growing grass regularly and give it more nutrients by adding compost or garden waste.

Mow the Grass When It Is Ready

It is extremely satisfying to see your lawn beautiful and perfect, but you have to let the grass grow at least three inches or until it’s slightly longer than the rest of the lawn before mowing. You may have to wait for upwards of seven weeks.

If you want to prevent any bare spots, follow proper lawn care. If you do not know how or don’t have the time, you can always seek help from professionals.

Why Let Professionals Fix Your Lawn’s Bare Spots?

Maintaining a lush, healthy lawn requires regular care and attention, but even the most diligent gardeners can experience bare spots where grass fails to grow. While spot seeding sounds like a straightforward process, it’s often best to leave the task to professionals. Here are a few reasons why:

Expertise and Experience

Lawn care providers have the knowledge and experience needed to properly diagnose the cause of bare spots on your lawn. Experts can identify underlying issues, such as soil compaction, pest damage, or disease that may be preventing grass from growing. They are equipped to take the right steps to address these issues before reseeding.

Proper Equipment

Lawn care professionals can access specialized equipment that allows them to repair bare spots efficiently and effectively on your lawn. This includes seeders and aerators that can improve soil conditions and seed placement, as well as fertilizers and other treatments that can improve the health of your lawn.


Repairing bare spots on your lawn can be time-consuming, requiring regular attention and care to ensure the new grass grows properly. Hiring a professional lawn care provider can save time and energy, allowing you to focus on other essential tasks.

Guaranteed Results

Professional lawn care providers often offer guarantees on their work, giving you peace of mind that your bare spots will be repaired and your lawn will be healthy and thriving.


While it may seem like a DIY approach to repairing bare spots on your lawn is more cost-effective, the reality is that mistakes can be costly. For example, using the wrong type of grass seed or failing to address underlying soil issues can result in a patchy lawn that requires additional work to repair. By hiring a professional, you can ensure the job is done right the first time, saving you money in the long run.

In general, hiring a professional to take care of bare spots on your lawn is a wise choice that can save you time, energy, and money while ensuring that your lawn remains healthy and beautiful. With their expertise, experience, and access to specialized equipment, a professional lawn care provider can help you achieve the desired results while avoiding costly mistakes.

If there are bare spots in your lawn, do not hesitate to call LawnMart for reliable and fast lawn care services. We are happy to provide a free quote today!

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