A frost covered lawn

What’s the Ideal Grass Height for Winter Dormancy?

Mowing the grass at the right height before winter settles in helps it survive the snow and cold. The best grass height for winter generally depends on the type of grass and other factors. This article will discuss everything about it, along with maintenance tips and how to choose a lawn mower.

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Weeds along the edge of a lawn.

Is Killing Weeds Enough to Maintain Your Lawn?

Weeds can ruin a healthy lawn. But getting rid of them isn’t enough to keep your lawn in tip-top shape. You must give grasses other essential needs so they can grow beautiful and lush. This article will discuss all those requirements, plus some maintenance tips.

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A lawn with a canadian flag prepared for winter weather.

Seven Ways to Prepare Your Lawn for Winter Weather

Residents of the Greater Toronto Area may not find winter in the region all that harsh, but lawns do. Cold winds, freezing rain, and other weather conditions can take a toll on any lawn. Proper pre-winter lawn preparation will ensure your lawn can survive the cold season and easily bounce back in the spring.

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Man blowing leaves on a lawn.

Raking, Blowing, or Mulching Leaves: Which Is Better for Your Lawn?

Leaf management in lawns is essential, especially in autumn when fallen leaves pile up. There are several ways to remove the leaves, including raking, blowing, and mulching. Each method has pros and cons, and this post will discuss them to help you decide which is better for your lawn. Assessing Your Lawn’s Needs To determine […]

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Man doing lawn care on a dead lawn.

How Long Will It Take to Bring a Dead Lawn Back to Life?

A lush, green lawn is the pride of many homeowners, but maintaining one can be daunting. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you may find dead patches in your lawn. Whether it’s due to neglect, extreme weather conditions, pests, or disease, the question on your mind is likely, “How long will it take to bring a dead […]

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Colorful leaves on a lawn.

Don’t Let Autumn Leaves Suffocate Your Lawn This Season

You may have come across what some experts say about the benefits of leaving fallen leaves on lawn areas, including nourishing the grass. These advantages can be great news, especially for those who dislike raking leaves in autumn. But before you remove raking from your to-do list this season, find out what really happens if you leave autumn leaves on your lawn.

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Fertilizer on a fresh lawn.

When Is the Right Time to Fertilize Your Lawn?

Fertilizing at the right time is one of the keys to transforming even the thinnest lawn into a verdant oasis. In this post, we will discuss everything you need to know about the lawn fertilization process that will yield lush and healthy results. What to Know About Lawn Fertilization Understanding the Fertilization Process Before discussing when […]

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