Freshly maintained lawn outside of a large grey house.

6 Tips for Maintaining Your Lawn Like a Golf Course

Are you envious of the grass at your local golf course?

It’s not by accident that golf courses are kept in such pristine condition all season. The truth is that many hands and top-notch tools are needed to keep these lawns looking their best. It is not a one-man job to provide the best lawn care for such big properties.

While you may not have a full crew or a wealth of resources, you can still imitate the quality of a golf course lawn care in your very own backyard! Just follow these six important lawn care tips and you’ll finally be able to achieve a lawn worthy of 18 holes.

Six Tips for Maintaining a Lawn Like a Golf Course

1. Choose the right type of grass

Did you know that not all grasses are the same? Most golf course operators prefer to use Bermuda grass or Bentgrass, although the type you choose should depend on your location.
For most Toronto homeowners, Bentgrass is the best option, as Bermuda grass typically isn’t able to survive our notoriously brutal winters!

2. Upgrade your lawnmower

There are over a dozen different types of lawnmowers on the market, but not all of them will leave your lawn looking like the grass at your local country club. If you’re like most homeowners, your lawnmower could use an upgrade!

Rather than continuing to use a rotary mower, which only features a single spinning blade, invests in a reel mower that will cut your grass more precisely—almost like a sharp pair of scissors.

3. Adjust your mowing height

As a rule of thumb, you should never cut more than one-third of the total length of your grass when you mow. Doing so weakens the roots, leaves your grass tips with a brownish hue, and makes your lawn vulnerable to disease. Instead, adjust the height of your mower blades so that you’re only trimming a small section of grass.

4. Mow more frequently

The reason why golf course grass can be kept so short without ever having more than one-third of its length trimmed is that it is mowed as often as every other day.
If you’re truly committed to achieving the golf course look, you’ll need to prioritize grass cutting at least two times per week—three, if possible.

5. Nail down your watering schedule

When it comes to watering your grass, you should take the opposite approach to mow—less frequently but more heavily. Many homeowners make the mistake of watering their lawns every day. Heavy watering once or twice per week is all your grass needs! As a lawn care company, we will never get tired of repeating how important it is to properly water your lawn. You want the best lawn possible? Give your lawn the treatment and care it demands.

6. Invest in local lawn care

If you don’t have all of the right tools, knowledge, or time to invest in your lawn but really want to maintain your grass like a professional golf course, you might need to rely on some professional help.
By assigning your grass care duties to a top lawn maintenance company like LawnMart, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re getting the best lawn care services around!
Do you want your lawns to look like you’re preparing to host The Masters? For all of your Toronto lawn maintenance needs, call LawnMart today!

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