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5 Signs That Your Lawn Has a Grub Problem

Although a grub infestation can go unnoticed for some time, these pests will inevitably leave your beautiful lawn in ruins if you don’t invest in proper grub control and lawn care in Bolton.

So, could grubs be running rampant throughout your lawn? In short, yes, but before that happens here are 5 telltale signs that you’re dealing with a grub problem!

5 Signs of Grub Problems in Your Lawn

1. Large Amounts of Grubs

While a few grubs don’t pose a serious threat to your lawn, large amounts will feast on your grass. Fortunately, the grubs themselves are relatively easy to spot, as their small white bodies will stand out against the backdrop of your dark brown soil.
Make a habit of inspecting your soil regularly for large amounts of these grubs. You can achieve this by cutting a few small sections of turf across your lawn, roughly 2–3 inches deep. If you count more than 5–6 grubs in a particular area, call LawnMart, Inc. to schedule your lawn control services in Bolton.

2. Damaged Roots

As grubs often reside below your lawn’s surface, the damage will often begin at the roots. When inspecting your soil, you may notice a change in the texture or colour of your roots. They may appear thin or brittle, or they may take on a yellow hue.

In any case, damaged roots will eventually cause your grass to die, so it’s critical that you schedule grub control services in Bolton and the surrounding area whenever you notice any degree of grass root damage.

3. Brown Grass

In addition to damaged roots, a grub infestation can cause your grass to turn brown or yellow. Of course, it’s unlikely that your entire lawn will become discoloured. Rather, you will need to keep an eye out for small patches of brown grass that are scattered across different areas of your lawn.

Dig up a section of brown grass to determine if the discolouration is a result of a grub infestation below the surface.

4. Spongey Turf

When your grass, roots, and soil are all weakened as a result of a grub infestation, your turf will take on a spongey consistency — to the point where you might even be able to roll up sections of turf as if it’s carpet.

While this change may be noticeable as you walk across your lawn, you can test your turf by cutting a small section and seeing if it rolls up easily.

5. More Animals and Pests

With grubs present, you may also notice an increase in animals and pests throughout your lawn. Naturally, these animals are going to be attracted to the tiny white grubs below the surface.

Keep in mind, however, that these pests may not automatically be hunting for grubs. They could just as easily be feeding on other insects that reside in your soil.

Before calling for grub control, perform a proper inspection to confirm that you are in fact dealing with a grub control issue. Do you suspect that you’ve got a grub infestation on your hands? For the best grub control services, Bolton and surrounding areas has to offer, contact the experts at LawnMart Inc. today!

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