Lawn with leaves next to a house.

5 Reasons to Invest in Your Lawn

Is quality lawn care really worth the investment?

You may be wondering whether you really need to maintain your lawn or whether you can leave it as-is. The answer to your question is yes, lawn care is worth the investment.
The truth is that a healthy lawn will yield a handful of benefits for you as a homeowner.

If not convinced yet, here are 5 reasons to invest in lawn maintenance:

Five Reasons to Invest in Quality Lawn Care

1. Your lawn enhances your curb appeal

Let’s face it—a messy or run-down lawn can be a little embarrassing. The reality is that the state of your lawn is a reflection of your home. Your lawns in a house first impression. Rather than neglecting your lawn, impress neighbours and guests by keeping your lawn in great condition year-round.

Most importantly, a high-quality lawn increases the value of your property. Whenever you choose to sell your home, you can raise your asking price and get better offers from interested buyers!

2. Take greater pride in your property

Simply having a lawn that you’re proud of can make you a happier homeowner. Perhaps you have always envisioned having a well-maintained lawn and are envious of neighbours whose lawns are in tip-top shape!

Whether you maintain your own lawn, do your own lawn care routine, or outsource your grass maintenance needs to a professional lawn care company, you can take a great deal of pride in the fact that your lawn is being maintained.

3. Lawn care yields benefits for your own health

Taking better care of your lawn can have a positive impact on your own health. Of course, a healthy lawn can have mental health benefits—improving your mood and reducing stress levels, for example.

But there are physical benefits as well. Humans have a give-and-take relationship with plant life. Our bodies produce much of the carbon dioxide that allows plants to thrive, and in return, plants produce much of the oxygen we need to survive!

A healthy lawn can improve air quality and eliminate pollutants, so that you are able to breathe easier!

4. Keep children, pets, and guests safe

Make no mistake—a tidy lawn is a safe lawn. To start, there are all sorts of holes and hazards that can easily become hidden in tall grass. Injuries often occur out in the backyard when the lawn isn’t maintained.

What’s more, neglected grass invites unwanted critters and disease. Protect your family members, pets, and guests by keeping your grass at a manageable length and sticking to a grass maintenance plan.

5. Keep mosquitoes, insects, and other grubs away

When you neglect your lawn, you give mosquitoes, insects, and other pests license to run rampant on your property—not only causing further damage to your grass but also becoming an itchy nuisance for family, friends, and pets who enter your backyard.

Once this problem starts, it can be difficult to get back under control. By maintaining your lawn, on the other hand, you can keep your property pest-free and stop insects from bothering guests. Finally, host the outdoor cookout you’ve always wanted without fear of being eaten alive!

While a beautiful lawn can be a great investment, maintaining it is hard work. If you lack the time and resources to keep your lawn in pristine condition, contact LawnMart, Inc. today for the best lawn care services in Toronto!

Michael Schäfer

President – LawnMart Inc.

Years of Experience: 31 Years

  • Land Class 1 and 3 Licenses Since 1993
  • Pest Control Operator License Since 1995
  • PIC Accredited Pest Technician Examiner Since 2004
  • Biting Flies Control License Since 2020

Michael Schäfer is President and Founder of LawnMart Inc. After training privately under Dr. Larry Whiddell of Ohio State University, he became a Lawn Technician at Barefoot Grass Lawn Services (1993) and leveled up to Tree/Shrub Care Manager before taking over all Canadian operations as Area Manager. In 1996, Michael founded LawnMart Inc., which has since grown into a multi-award-winning company that cares for thousands of lawns in the Golden Horseshoe area.