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5 Mowing Tips for a Better Looking Lawn

Do you wish your lawn looked a little better after mowing it?

Perhaps you look at your neighbour’s perfect lawn with envy. Why doesn’t my lawn look like that? What am I doing wrong when it comes to lawn care? Follow these 5 game-changing mowing tips and enjoy a better looking lawn today!

Follow these 5 game-changing mowing tips and enjoy a better-looking lawn today!

Five Mowing Tips for a Better Looking Lawn

1. Keep Your Mower Blade Sharp

Top-notch grass cutting starts with lawn mower maintenance, which is why it’s critical that you keep your mower blade sharp. Instead of slicing through grass tips, a dull blade will “tear” through them and leave jagged tips.

It’s recommended that you sharpen your mower blade every 20–25 hours of mowing time. This might amount to every 10–15 sessions or a few times per year, depending on the size of your lawn, of course.

2. Set Your Mower Blade High

Like many homeowners, you may be tempted to set your mower blade as low as possible and give your grass a generous haircut. After all, it allows you to enjoy a few extra days without mowing, right?

Unfortunately, this approach can result in scalping. Rather than working to strengthen its roots, your grass will focus its energy on repairing blades; and as a result, weeds have a better chance of sprouting up throughout your lawn.

Take this approach instead: set your mower blade a little higher so that you’re never trimming more than one-third of the length of your grass during each session. While you may need to mow more frequently, your grass blades and roots will thrive!

3. Mow During Dry Afternoons

If you’ve got an especially busy schedule, you might be forced to mow your lawn whenever you have free time — regardless of the time of day!

However, it’s important that you avoid mowing while your grass is wet. Moisture not only produces an uneven cut but can also cause clippings to build up in your lawnmower or in large piles on your lawn.

Even the early morning dew can get in the way of the perfect trim, so you should save the job for a dry afternoon or evening!

4. Pick Up Your Grass Clippings

If grass clippings are minimal, you can leave them scattered across your lawn and they can even be beneficial for your lawn.

Too many grass clippings, however, can be a case of “too much of a good thing.” Piles of these clippings can stifle your grass and prevent it from getting the nourishment it needs. As a result, you may begin to notice dead patches of grass throughout your lawn.

5. Change Up Your Mowing Pattern

While you may have a go-to routine, mowing tips and pattern for mowing your lawn, keep in mind that mowing in the same direction can cause your grass to lean one way over time. What’s more, ruts can begin to form throughout your lawn.

Each time you cut your grass, try mowing in a different direction than the last time you mowed. You can even take this as an opportunity to try out a new lawn design!

Achieve a better-looking lawn with these essential lawn mowing tips, or leave the job to a premier grass care company like LawnMart and our comprehensive lawn care services. Give us a call today to get your lawn care back on track!

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