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4 Reasons Why Natural Mosquito Control is the Best

Considering investing in mosquito control? Are pesky mosquitoes running rampant on your property? If yes, you should take your consideration even more seriously and opt for natural mosquito control techniques.

After a day out in the backyard, an itchy outdoor barbeque experience, or a bug-infested bonfire, it may be time to finally address your mosquito problem and eradicate those irritating pests once and for all.

Of course, to do this you’ll need to choose a method of controlling mosquitoes, and the truth is that there are all types of methods floating around—from pesticides to more natural mosquito control solutions.

However, the decision between natural and non-natural solutions doesn’t have to be a difficult one. Here are four reasons why natural outdoor insect control is the best choice for you and your lawn!

4 Reasons Natural Mosquito Control is the Best for Your Lawn:

1. They are much safer for children and pets

It should go without saying that the safety of children, pets, and guests is paramount when selecting a mosquito control solution.

Unfortunately, most insecticides and pesticides are filled with toxic chemicals that can be harmful to humans and animals alike. In fact, several studies have linked the use of these harmful products to long-term health problems—including early puberty in males and nervous system issues.

By opting for a natural mosquito solution that is devoid of harmful chemicals, on the other hand, you can keep all of your guests safe whenever they venture out onto your lawn!

2. Natural mosquito control techniques are typically odourless

One of the more understated aspects of chemical-laden insecticides is that they often possess a nasty odour. The terrible smell of these chemicals can quickly ruin the fun of an outdoor event or get-together.

Conversely, most natural mosquito control solutions are odourless; so you can enjoy your outdoor gatherings without putting up with a cocktail of chemicals in the air. Our lawn care company uses two odourless insect control products as part of our mosquito control program!

3. They actually address the root problem

There are all sorts of outdated methods and solutions—including “chemical fogging”—that people use for botanical insect control.

One of the issues with these types of methods is that they don’t address the root problem of mosquito infestation. Outdated mosquito control techniques may eliminate full-grown mosquitoes, but they don’t always eliminate the larvae that are still developing in your shrubs and standing water.

At LawnMart, Inc., we apply a natural bacterium called Bacillus Thuringiensis to stand water in order to kill any larvae. Natural mosquito control programs like ours prevent larvae from developing into full-grown mosquitoes and wreaking havoc across your property!

4. They are usually far more effective

Simply put, natural insect control techniques tend to work better than non-natural solutions. As we mentioned earlier, our two-pronged approach to natural mosquito control not only kills full-grown mosquitoes but also stops developing larvae in their tracks.

When you consider that natural solutions offer longer-lasting protection from mosquito infestations, the choice between using natural products and non-natural products is a no-brainer!

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