Field of grass mowed with a line pattern.

4 Easy Mowing Designs to Try on Your Lawn

You don’t need to be a professional landscaper to have the best lawn in your neighbourhood. The truth is that adding a simple design to your lawn can be the difference between a healthy, good-looking lawn and one that really stands out. Today, we’re going to share some of our favourite lawn designs that you can recreate with relatively little effort. When paired with proper grass maintenance, fertilizing, and watering, of course, any one of these four designs will be sure to give you the best-looking lawn on the block!

Four Easy Lawn Design Ideas

1. Waves

A wavy design is one of the easiest patterns to create—you may have even created this lawn design inadvertently! Mow as you typically would, starting at one end of your lawn and walking towards the opposite end. These lines don’t even need to be straight—feel free to direct your mower around the contours of trees and other objects. When you reach the edge of your lawn, make a hard 180-degree pivot and mow the opposite way—slightly overlapping the row you just finished mowing. The direction in which the blades are cut causes light to reflect off of it differently.

The final product? The appearance of soft waves rippling through your trimmed grass!

2. Circles

A circular pattern, much like a wavy pattern, is easy to create. If you’re working with only a single section of lawn, start at one of the edges and begin mowing in circles until you reach the center point of your lawn. Again, be sure to continuously overlap each outer ring as you progress towards the center.

If you have multiple sections of lawn or if you want to create a circular pattern around a tree, start from the middle and work your way outwards!

3. Circles and lines

Why choose a circular pattern or linear pattern when you can have both?

This type of mowing pattern is ideal for those with large lawns and features that they wish to highlight. Start with the features that you want to adorn with a circular pattern and work your way outwards, stopping after a few rings. After forming circles around each feature, simply mow straight lines from edge to edge while carefully filling in the areas between the circles.

4. Checkerboard Lawn Design

While the checkerboard pattern is one of the more impressive lawn designs you can recreate, it does require a little extra work. Consider hiring professional grass-cutting services if it’s a little over your head!

Start at one corner of your lawn and mow a straight line, preferably parallel to your house or driveway. When you reach the end, pivot 180 degrees and mow a straight line in the opposite direction. Repeat this process until your entire lawn has been mowed with straight lines. Then, start at the same original corner of your lawn and mow in the opposite direction, perpendicular to your original set of lines. Once you’ve covered your entire lawn for a second time, you should be left with a completed checkerboard design!

Whatever pattern you choose, always remember the iron-clad rules of mowing.

  • Mow tall! 7 to 8 cm tall is ideal, and don’t trim the edges short either.
  • Mow frequently. Skipping weeks is hard on your grass.
  • Bag your clippings if possible, or rake them if there are a lot of them.

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