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10 Warning Signs of an Unhealthy Lawn

Do you want to have the best lawn in the Greater Toronto Area? If so, a good place to start is to identify whether your lawn is healthy or not. There are a handful of lawn problems that all homeowners should be on top of. By being aware of these different issues and paying attention to your lawn, you can identify any issues before they get worse and cause further damage to your grass.

10 Distinct Warning Signs of an Unhealthy Lawn

1. Brown Grass Tips

Green grass with brown tips almost always points to an issue with your lawnmower or grass-cutting habits.

First, check your mower’s blades to confirm that they are sharp. Then, make sure your blade height is set so that you remove no more than 1/3 of the overall length of your grass.

2. Thinning Grass

Brown spots and dead patches are easy to spot, but what about those areas where the grass is beginning to thin out?

Take a good look at your grass—if you can see the soil through the blades of grass, your turf is thinning. Get in touch with a local lawn care company like LawnMart, Inc., to bolster your lawn!

3. Brittle Grass

The texture of your grass says a lot about the health of your lawn. Next time you’re out in the yard, put your grass to the test by doing the following:

Step on a section of grass so that you leave a footprint behind. If the depression doesn’t return to normal after a minute or so, your grass might be brittle—suggesting that it isn’t getting the nutrition it needs.

4. Spots and Patches

Dreaded brown spots and dead patches are most often caused by lawn disease.

Of course, you might not know how to diagnose the disease and provide the remedy for it. But a professional lawn care company can help identify the problem and restore your lawn to top form!

5. Dry or Compacted Soil

The growth potential of your grass starts and ends with the soil. Dry or compacted soil suggests that it isn’t getting enough water.

You can test the quality of your soil by pushing a screwdriver or skewer into it. If this is difficult to do, your soil may be dehydrated.

6. Weeds

Although many weeds can appear harmless, keep in mind that they will eventually choke up your luscious grass if you allow them to continue sharing lawn space.

Whenever you spot weeds, eliminate them before they become problematic. Methods such as weeding, treating your soil, and applying natural weed killers can help!

Our 6-step lawn care service program is the best to get rid of weed and grub control.

7. Infestations

While certain insects can promote grass growth, others can wreak havoc on your lawn. An insect or grub infestation is typically marked by brown grass.
Fortunately, an odourless insect control product can help rid your lawn of pesky insects and mosquitoes.

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8. Lawn Mushrooms

While the occasional lawn mushroom isn’t always a cause for concern, it’s important to note that fungi thrive in overly wet and damp conditions.

If you notice areas of your lawn where mushrooms consistently grow, you might be over-watering your lawn! It is important that you know how to water your lawn properly to achieve the best results, because yes, there is such as thing as too much water.

9. Bluish-Green Colour

If you notice your grass taking on a bluish-green hue, it may be dehydrated.

Remember, the key to a well-hydrated lawn is to soak your lawn once per week for 4 hours.

10. Yellow Colour

Bluish-green isn’t the only grass colour that indicates a problem. If your grass is yellow, it might be due to insects.

So, Have You Noticed Any of the Above Warning Signs with Your Own Lawn?

Contact the lawn maintenance professionals at LawnMart Inc. to transform your struggling lawn into a healthy lawn!

With LawnMart Inc. by your side rest assured you will have the best lawn in your neighbourhood! You can call us at 1-800-814-1687 or submit a form to request a quote!

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